World’s First Bitcoin Based Supply Chain Data Platform, TEMCO Having Pre-Sale With CoinBene

World’s first Bitcoin (RSK) based supply chain data platform, TEMCO, will start a pre-sale on December 17th through CoinBene, which is in ranked as 5th~6th in CoinMarketCap based on adjusted transaction volume in the world.

This is the first-time pre-sale is offered on CoinBene, and many industry insiders are surprised by such development. CoinBene is developing a new feature to enable pre-sales to occur on their platform. This opens a new opportunity for many projects to take advantage of existing exchange features.

TEMCO’s CEO, Scott Yoon, said “We have been cooperating with CoinBene for months about our project, and it is our pleasure that CoinBene is investing in our project and developing a new service for our pre-sale. We thank CoinBene for introducing the pre-sale feature for the first time ever with TEMCO. After the pre-sale, we will also offer the main sale on both CoinBene and our platform starting December 24th.”

CoinBene & TEMCO

CoinBene is incorporated in Singapore, and it is one of the largest exchanges in the world. With a local presence in many countries including China, South Korea, etc., users can trade more than 175 cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. Reported by CoinMarketCap, CoinBene is ranked 6th largest in the world with about 10 billion USD in trading volume last 30 days.

CoinBene’s Head of US Business Jerry Liu said, “CoinBene has one of the most secure platforms. We’ve always put our priority on serving the users and we want to continue offering more services them. That is why we are introducing the pre-sale feature with TEMCO. The pre-sale feature will be available on our homepage.”

Starting December 17th, TEMCO’s pre-sale will launch on CoinBene with the bonus rate of 11%. Users can purchase TEMCO tokens with either BTC, ETH, and/or USDT.

Follow the link to learn more about TEMCO’s pre-sale event at CoinBene.


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