‘Good Exchange’ – The Exchange with the Highest Payback Rate

The Good Exchange will be launched on January 7, 2019 in Singapore — described by some experts as a sound environment for cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology to thrive due to its top-class communications network, its reputation as a key financial hub and penchant for Fintech — is home to several cryptocurrency start-ups. Being incorporated in Singapore, the Good Exchange adheres to stringent compliance and regulatory guidelines by the Monetary Authority of Singapore and the best industry practices for security. 

Helmed by an influential advisory panel which includes Mr Yasushi Hosoda and Mr Akio Katsuragi; Mr Yasushi Hosoda was the president of Sony Pictures Entertainment Japan and Mr Akio Katsuragi was the CEO of Lehman Brothers’ Holding Inc. 

The Good Exchange is envisioned to become one of the largest liquidity pool and orderbook of cryptocurrencies namely AXIS, BTC, ETH, USDT, BCHSV, BCHABC, LTC and XRP. The highly lucrative payback schemes will give it a competitive edge over the other exchanges in the industry.

Payback Schemes

  • The opening event promises an attractive rate of payback at 100% for a period of a month. 
  • After the month’s long opening event, the daily payback rate still stands at 88%. 
  • Apart from the daily payback, there is also an affiliate fee of up to 30%, whereby introducing a friend entitles you up to 30% off the transaction fee. 

Key Features of the Platform

Gearing up for the global cryptocurrency market, a number of languages are available on the platform, which aims to cater not only to users from English-speaking countries, as well as the wider market. The versatility and highly user-friendly interface including informative charts on the platform that is fully scalable to elevate and enhance the user experience as distinct, and unitary, integrated one. The complexity of trading and owning digital currencies is simplified so that everyone can now trade in confidence!

In addition, the Good Exchange puts liquidity and security as the epitome of the platform. The architecture of the platform is powered by robust system to allow flexibility and efficiency for the crypto-trading. 

Digital assets are stored offline in our proprietary state-of-the-art system. Absolute security is guaranteed as the assets are deposited onto a platform layered with multi-levels of security to prevent unsanctioned access, cyber-attacks and other vulnerabilities that technology is susceptible to.

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