Solaris Bank and Stuttgart Exchange Group in Germany Partner to Launch Crypto Exchange

Solaris Bank and Stuttgart Exchange Group – the second largest stock exchange in Germany have recently partnered with each other for launching the infrastructure for a cryptocurrency exchange.

The Stuttgart Exchange Group that was launched in 1860 is Germany’s second largest stock exchange and Europe’s ninth largest stock exchange. On the other hand, Solaris Bank is a leading fintech company in Germany that was launched in 2015 and known for offering BaaP (Banking as a Platform) service.

The crypto exchange of the two companies – all scheduled to be launched by the first half of 2019, will witness Solaris Bank acting like the banking platform for the exchange. Roland Folz – the CEO of SolarisBank, stated that an efficient and reliable trading platform serves to be a basic contribution to the vision of ensuring a hybrid financial world – offering both fiats as well as cryptocurrencies.


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