TRON Surpasses One Million User Accounts After Only Six Months of Launch

The Blockchain protocol TRON (TRX) revealed that it has surpassed one million user accounts on December 23. The company released official statistics on its social media accounts that confirms that Tron now features over one million addresses.

Misha Lederman, the co-founder of the cryptocurrency’s spin-off project, published the records on Twitter.

Launched earlier this year, TRON envisions itself to become the go-to ecosystem for developers seeking to create decentralized applications or also known as DApps.

Renowned for openly chiding Ethereum (ETH), which constitutes TRON’s main competitor, CEO Justin Sun predicted a slow implosion for the token this week.

Meanwhile, Lederman commented that the speed of the increase in the activity of TRON is also significantly higher than Ethereum. He noted that in comparison, ETH reached its one million accounts 18 months since the Mainnet Launch while TRX reached it in only 6 months.

Responses to Lederman’s remarks featured the fact that ETH built its user base when the interest in cryptocurrency was marginal in comparison to current conditions.

Other replies added that despite the growth achieved by TRX, its $0.02 price tag paled as to ETH/USD, which maintained a value of around $73 even after a 90% fall from the all-time high.

TRON had shown a strong and steady daily growth this week and continued until a correction across the cryptocurrency market saw the token lose 15%. On the other hand, it’s rival Ethereum dropped around 12.6% in the same period.


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